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  • W N SHAW is a Chemical Specialty Company.
  • We are a privately held corporation with its headquarters located in Pacific, Missouri, USA.
  • WNS was founded in 1995 to provide the best custom-formulated mold release agents for the polyurethane, rubber, and composite molding industries.
  • With proven versatility, WNS continues to adapt successfully to the rapidly changing global and domestic chemical specialty markets.
  • WNS's technical engineers have over 100 years if combined industry experience.
  • WNS has 2 manufacturing facilities and a full Developmental and Analytical laboratory located in the United States
  • WNS sells direct to suppliers in North America and Asia and through distributors in China Japan, Southeast Asia, South America, and Europe.
  • WNS aims to add value to its customers' manufacturing processes by providing cost effective products formulated with advanced technologies.
  • Sales and engineering specialists provide efficient, complete, and invaluable attention to our customers' needs, while acting as a communication link to the product development team.

  • Thorough "shop floor" interaction observation and extensive online product testing are vital to the proper formulation and successful performance of our products for each customer.
  • WNS offers rapid development time and integrated production to quickly fulfill specialized product needs.


  • Since 1995 W N SHAW has been producing an extensive range of products including:
  • Semi-permanent solvent mold release
  • Semi-permanent water-base mold releases
  • Silicone-free mold releases
  • VOC-free mold releases
  • Wax and silicone solvent-base products
  • Water-base wax and silicone emulsions
  • Water-base mandrel releases
  • Anti-tack formulations
  • Metal coating films
  • Metal cutting products
  • Cleaners
  • WNS is dedicated to formulating new and more advanced raw materials to continuously improve our products with a specific focus on breakthrough technologies such as water-based and "green" solutions which are both worker and environmentally friendly.
  • WNS supports and participates in the development of "green" technologies for all the industries it serves.

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